15 September 2017

6th Avenue Self Catering Apartment

Soon after we got married, mu husband and I decided we want to buy our own home.  We started to look around and then heard of a house on sale.  At first we were not sure but then decided to make a offer.  It was a bit more than we planned to pay but the house was bigger and the view amazing.

In February 2013 we moved in to our new home.  Adjoined to the house was a 2 bedroom apartment.  The previous owner used it when his family came to visit.  After we settled in the house we decided to rent out the apartment for extra income.  With the help of my father-in-law we made some changes and updates to the apartment and in April 2014 our first (and only) tenants moved in. 

At this time I was about 4 month pregnant with our son and we found out my husband had cancer.  It was a rough couple of months but at least we were happy with the tenants.  This did not last very long.  One of the tenants was in a accident and she could not work for a long time and then they stopped paying the rent.

We did not know what to do.  We had sympathy with them because after his diagnose my husband could also not work and money was tight.  Eventually after months of giving them chance to pay we asked them to move out in January 2015.

The next 18 months we could no decide what to do with the apartment.  We were scared to get new tenants and loose money again.  There was a bed and we used it when family visited but we did not have enough furniture in the apartment to use it for anything else.  

Eventually we made the decision to rent the apartment out for holiday accommodation.  We had to spend some money to furnish the apartment and then started the process listing the apartment on Airbnb.  I had no idea what I was doing but in November 2016 our apartment was listed and we received our first bookings.

Before each new arrival I was nervous.  Would they be happy with the apartment?  Would they look after the furniture etc that we had to buy or borrow (and could not afford to replace if broken/stolen)?  Would they be noisy or irritate us?

In the end we had great guest from December to March.  We had guest from South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, RĂ©union Island and more.  They took good care of our apartment and enjoyed there stay in Mossel Bay.

During the winter months we did not receive a lot of bookings and decided to also add out apartment t a few other booking sites and do some online marketing.  We are very happy with our decision and hope to have many more guests in the future.

6th Avenue Self Catering Apartment is a 2 bedroom apartment
adjoining our home in Mossel Bay, South Africa. 

The apartment has beautiful views of the ocean and Mossel Bay.
  It is about 1 kilometer from Santos Beach and 1 kilometer
 from the Dias Museum Complex, shops and restaurants.

We offer accommodation for maximum 4 people in 2 bedrooms
 (1 double and 2 single beds).  The apartment has a small
 living area and open plan kitchen.  The kitchen includes a 
small stove and oven, microwave oven and basic cooking
utensils.  The living area has a television but no satellite TV
 is available at the moment.

Free parking is available for 1 vehicle on the site behind a closed gate.

If you would like to book our apartment you can use the followings sites 
or send a e-mail to lugerda@gmail.com.

01 September 2017

Oud en Jonk Restaurant at George Nursery

It is the first day of Spring and the sun is shining in Mossel Bay.  The weather makes me want to go outside.  This weekend I am going to spend some time in the garden an maybe visit a nursery for some new plants.

During the July school holiday my husband went hunting and I went to visit my parents in George with our son, JW.

It was one of the coldest weekends of the winter but the sun was shining and we decided to go have lunch and shop for plants at the George Nursery, just outside of George.  It was a while since our last visit to the nursery and we weren’t sure if the restaurant was still there but we decided to take a chance.
Still a bit of snow on the Outeniqua Mountain
When we arrived at about 10:00 on Monday morning we first went to the Oud en Jonk Restaurant and we were the only customers.  There is a lovely lawn with a jungle gym, slides and trampolines for kids.  JW was running around to play before we even decided on a table. Some of the jungle gyms need a bit of attention (broken ropes and rusted slide) but overall it is a very nice play area. JW loved the old tractor he could climb on and "drive". (And he tried to pull every leaver it had)

There is tables inside, outside on a deck and outside on the grass next to the play area.  We decide to sit outside in the sun where we can keep an eye on JW.  (JW was chasing some ducks around the grass and into the dam and we had to stop him otherwise he would have ended in the water with them. One of the staff came to close the gate to the dam soon after that).

We ordered coffee and had very tasty tramazzini’s with chips and the prices were reasonable.  After we finished our meal we went next door t the nursery and bought some plants.  The last time we visited we were disappointed with the options available but this time we were happy.  There are lots of plants to choose from and the prices were great.

We visited again about a month later and enjoyed it again.  They also have a Sunday lunch that sound delicious and we want to try it out some time.

Address:                       R102 Airport road, George
Tel no:                           082 826 4717
Website:                        https://www.facebook.com/oudenjonk/
Entrance Fee:               None
Trading Hours:              09:00 - 16:00 daily (Sunday until 15:00)

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18 August 2017

Kidz at Mount View

I was a bit skeptic when my mother suggested we go to this play area at the old George Tourism Resort but I was wrong.  Kidz at Mount View is a wonderful place for a family with young children to spend a few hours while eating some food.

There is a toddler play area for kids between 1 and 3 years.  This area includes a slide, lots of balls, cars, dolls and other toys for toddlers.  My almost 3-year old son JW loved the doll house with its basin and windows with shutters.  He also loved jumping in the pool of balls.
Toddler play area

Next to the toddler area is a big indoor jungle gym for kids from 3 to 9 years old.  This is a lovely jungle gym with 3 levels to climb and explore.  There are slides, swings, a tunnel, monkey bars and many other things to enjoy. JW loved the slide into a pool of balls and climbing through the tunnel. 
Indoor play area with 3 levels

As a parent I loved that it is a save place I can take my son to play.  When you enter each child gets a card with the time that you entered.  Only after you receive your card can you enter the play area through a gate.  To exit you must wait for a staff member to open the gate to the reception.  Then you give back your card and they calculate the time you played and then pay.

There is a staff member in each play area to supervise and help the kids play.  My mom tried to explain to my son how monkey bars work from outside the play area.  The lady looking after the kids heard us and climbed to the top to help JW swing on the monkey bars.  She is very good with the kids.

For parents there are tables next to the play area.  And next door is The Coffee Pot, a coffee shop that also serves drinks, breakfasts, quiches, sandwiches, pancakes, salads, kiddies’ food and light lunches. 

The cost is also very reasonable.  It costs R30 for your child to play for 90 minutes.  Then it is an additional R 15 for every 30 minutes after that.  Both occasions we visited we went over the 90 minutes.  The prices of the food at The Coffee Pot are also good.  They have a bottomless coffee for R 30 that was great while spending almost 2-hours watching JW play. 

Outside there is also an animal farm with bunnies, goats, parrots, ducks and ponies.  Both out visits were in the winter on cold and/or rainy days ant we did not spend a lot of time here.  But on a sunny day is would be nice to walk around and see the animals.  There is also lots of grass for a bit of running.

We had a great time at both of our visits.  JW enjoyed playing and my mom and I had some nice food while chatting. We will return and I would recommend it to other parents with small children. (But while I think a 8/9-year old would enjoy the play area they may be a little too big for the facilities)

Address:                       1 York Street | Mount View Resort & Lifestyle Village Garden Route
Tel no:                           +27 44 873 2957
Website:                        http://kidzatmountview.co.za/  
Entrance Fee:               R30 for 90 minutes and R15 every 30 minutes after that
Trading Hours:              Tuesdays - Fridays: 09:00 - 17:00
                                     Saturdays: 09:00 - 16:00
                                     Sundays & Mondays Closed

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04 August 2017

The Shark Lab

I have walked pass the sign for the Shark Lab hundreds of time since I moved to Mossel Bay in 2006 and have never been inside.  On Saturday 13 May 2017 I decided to visit with my 2½ year old son, JW. JW watched a cartoon with a shark and is now fascinated with sharks. While he was interested I thought the Shark Lab was a good place to visit.
Mossel Bay

You can enter the Shark lab from 2 sides.  We entered from the Point side.  I knocked en opened the door.  It was dark inside and I could just about see a person sitting at the other end of the room.  She was very friendly and gave us about information about the animals.  I could hear that she cares a lot about them.

We then paid our entrance fee.  It was R 20 for an adult; R 10 for children from 4 years old and children until 3 was free.  For R 150 you can swim with two Smooth-hound sharks but we decided to skip this.  After paying we walked through a small curio shop and entered the aquarium through a security gate.
Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay

The description of the aquarium on some internet sites is “an intimate aquarium”.  This is very nice words to say it is small.  And I mean very, very small. There is a tank for the 2 sharks, the tank for the octopus and about 6 – 8 small tanks.  You could see all the fish in about 3 minutes.

With an entrance fee of R 20 and spending only 3 minutes inside the trip is very expensive.  I tried everything to make the visit a bit longer. We walked around the tanks about three times.  I took photos.  I showed my son every tank.  And still the whole visit was only about 15 minutes. 

Mossel Bay

Overall we enjoyed the visit.  My son has told all his grandparents about the sharks and octopus.  He was ready for another visit the next day.  But at R 20 it is a bit expensive for a weekly outing.  Reading reviews on Tripadvisor I see that many people feel it is too expensive. If I could make a suggestion to the owners I would drop the entrance fee to R5 per visitor and maybe a year membership for locals to make it more affordable. 

21 July 2017

#3322 Dominique

On Saturday 11 March 2017 there was no relaxing in our pyjamas or enjoying a lazy breakfast ,  We had to get ready early to go see the departure of “Dominique”.  “Dominique” is locomotive #3322, an oil burner steam engine, that was restored in Voorbaai, Mossel Bay for the CeresRailway Company.  
Class 19D locomotive
#3322 Dominique

For years my husband would say how sad it is to see all the old trains/locomotives etc just rusting away in the “train cemetery” in Voorbaai.  But the last few years a team has started to restore some of these old locomotives for the Ceres Railway Company.  After the restoration is complete the locomotives are moved to Ceres where visitors can take trips between Ceres and Cape Town.  Before Dominique, they restored “Jessica” a Class 19D locomotive #3321, “Bailey” a Class 19B locomotive #1412 and “Red Devil” a Class 26 locomotive #3450.
Class 19D locomotive
#3321 Jessica

Class 19D locomotive
#3322 Dominique

Dominique was scheduled to leave Mosel Bay at 8:45 Saturday morning and we arrived at the Voorbaai station at just after 8:00.  We were very happy to see that “Jessica” to Mossel Bay to make the trip back to Ceres with Dominique.  Now we could see both locomotives.

I was surprised at the amount of people who came to look at the trains.  It was difficult to take a photo without people in the way.  Our 2½ year old son was with us.  He was very excited about the trains.  He wanted to touch everything and even tried to climb onto the train.
JW and the train tracks

#3322 Dominique

Unfortunately there was a problem with the water pressure and there was not enough water to fill up both locomotives.  Transnet assisted them by using a diesel locomotive to pull them out of Voorbaai to Heidelberg where they had to pick up a wedding party.  This big red diesel locomotive spoiled a few of the photos but it was very nice to see the old locomotives back in working order.

After they left Voorbaai we drove to Mossdustria to see the train at the crossing.  Husband still did not see enough and we drove further to the Gouritz river bridge to see the trains cross before returning home. 

Crossing Gouritz bridge

I hope they will restore more of the wonderful trains and hopefully one can stay in Mossel Bay for us to take a trip.

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